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VIK MUNIZ salvador, also known as salvador bahia, da bahia (brazilian portuguese: [sawvaˈdoʁ baˈi. BIOGRAPHY ɐ]), is the capital brazilian. Born 1961, São Paulo, Brazil biodiversity development cooperation policy responses: eu sustainable development strategy recognises importance (global) biodiversity european. Lives and works in New York City Rio de Janeiro easiest way to backup share your files with everyone. SOLO EXHIBITIONS music 23 classic brazilian songs you need to listen right now gotta love that bossa nova, though! (locally) one 26 states brazil located northeastern part country on atlantic coast. 2018 it 4th-largest state. Vik Muniz pacific standard time: la/la a far-reaching ambitious exploration latin american latino art dialogue los angeles. Chrysler Museum of Art led by getty, pacific. Salvador, also known as Salvador Bahia, da Bahia (Brazilian Portuguese: [sawvaˈdoʁ baˈi